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"Could we find a way out of the trap? Of course we could. Let's go back to a different crisis, which is the crisis, not in economic forecasting but in weather forecasting, that resulted from the 1987 storm. Image copyright Bank of England Image caption Mr Haldane said it was a "fair cop" to say the profession had predicted a sharper downturn after the Brexit vote than has materialised "Remember that? Michael Fish getting up: 'There's no hurricane coming but it will be very windy in Spain.' Very similar to the sort of reports central banks - naming no names - issued pre-crisis, 'There is no hurricane coming but it might be very windy in the sub-prime sector.' "Look at how weather forecasting has changed itself in the period since. Actually there has been a dramatic improvement in our capacity to forecast the weather... a revolution in weather forecasting. "Much more data is being thrown at the problem and that has brought about a transformation. And some of the self same could be true if we move from weather forecasting to economic." Spending power On being asked whether there had been the economic "hurricane" forecast after the Brexit vote, he quipped: "It's been very windy in Spain." Media captionBBC weatherman Michael Fish: "I told a white lie" But he told the audience at the Institute for Government: "It's true, again, fair cop.